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Airport Minicab - London Heathrow Transfer


Thank you for visiting our website that provides you with our Heathrow Airporttransfer quotation and booking interface. We specialize in airport Minicab transfers to and from Heathrow Airport for both individuals and groups, with the accent on a courteous, professional and personal service at affordable prices.

To obtainan online quotation and make a booking please use the form above. Simply enterthe pick up location i.e Heathrow Airport and select the terminal from the suggestions that appear or for a private address enter the post code for thelocation. Click and you will be presented with a quote for the different typesof vehicles available. Click on the one that you require and enter the information required. Once the booking is complete we will email you confirmation of the reserved journey(s).

If you don't have the post code please enter as much as you can about the location and click and then click 'Manual Quote' and follow the instructions. We will email you with a quotation as soon as possible. We have operators ready to take yourbookings so we will reply to your request very quickly.

From the moment you contact us, we will do everything we can to ensure that your booking and transfer are conducted as smoothly as possible. An experienced driver with proven customer service skills and an extensive knowledge of the local areawill meet you in an air conditioned vehicle tailored to the number of passengers and the luggage requirements specified by you. We operate salooncars (sedan), estate cars (station wagons), people carriers (Minivan MPV's),minibuses and executive cars from Heathrow Airport so we will be able to cater for your transfer requirements.

We already provide an excellent transfer service to our existing customers, which include both large and small businesses, local and international clients,hotels and airlines, and would be delighted to fulfil your airport transfer requirements.

A 'Meet and Greet' service can be arrange when booking whereby the driver will bein arrivals with the passenger's name or company name, which ever you prefer. Acomforting thought, especially for first time visitors in a foreign country.

If your flight is early or subject to delays, we will track your flight's progress andsend your driver at the new expected time of arrival.

A lot of our work is corporate based so if you are booking minicabs for other people youcan rest assured we will give them the professional quality service they would expect. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards and send receipts andconfirmations via email. We are happy to meet the needs of corporate account customers and, subject to credit references, offering you a monthly invoicingfacility or direct debit on our services.

One of the biggest headaches travel buyers face is matching transaction bookinginformation with credit card payment statements. The data gathered when a booking is made and the data that turns up on payment card statements can oftenbe very different and prove difficult, if not impossible, to reconcile. With Onward Travel Solutions Ltd every booking is made through on-line payment andwith every payment we email you a receipt with your booking details on. Once you have made a booking with us we will send you a welcome email with yoursecure login and password details from which you will also be able to accessall your quotes, bookings, confirmations, sales receipts and of course makemore bookings.

London Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world comprising of 5 terminals. The airport is the UK's busiest and best-connected airport, as well as being Europe's busiest airport for passenger traffic and the world's busiestairport by international passenger traffic. The airport is located towards the southern end of the London Borough of Hillingdon, 15 miles west of centralLondon.